Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fireworks produced way back in effect

Take a look at the effect of the following diagram

A long time ago In "> seen this effect in the diagram, the book is only a proposal put to it, no detailed explanation. These days, I try to put it in FW 4.0 in painting out, the joy of achievement not exclusive, this production method today to donate to satisfy enthusiasts. This is a comprehensive example, through this case study, I believe you can get a lot of inspiration. We are three parts to produce, background, movement of the masts and crossing, the car scene.

1 Background

1. New File, 300 * 240, the background color is white, select the Tools pull-out with the aid of two vertical and horizontal lines, so that their intersection is located in the center of the editor, we have to be good at using auxiliary lines, because it can bring convenience to our work .

2. Select the rectangle tool in the Tools panel, drag in the editor to draw a rectangle the size of half the size of editing area. And then open the Fill panel, select the fill mode for the linear linear filling, open the edit edit the color (from dark green to light green) , with the tools panel on the bucket tool to change the direction of fill from top to bottom. and then draw a rectangle the same size, on the upper part of the editor, line fill for the dark blue to light blue. the final result shown in Figure

3. In the Tools panel using the pen tool, outline the contours of coming out, fill color is dark green, it Edit> Clone cloning, Modify> Fransform> Flip horizontal horizontal flip, move right, transparent set of 60. Results in Figure

4. Now, we built the road, with a pen tool path outlined in the editor, fill color to R: 68 G: 68 B: 85,

5. Double-click the Layer1 layer, in the pop-up dialog box, to share across frames in front of the box checked on the sharing of this layer.

Well, we had been developed on the background, I started working on making the following poles and crossing the movement.

Two poles and crossing movements

1. New layer Layer2, which is the focus of this case, I tried to say something in detail, we understand the heart. In the three mask layers to create animation, one to the left of the pole mask animation, a right movement of the poles mask animation, and then a downward movement of zebra mask animation. This gives the impression that the forward movement of the.

2. Draw the pole before moving to the left when moving mask graphics, pole from far to near, the eyes see is a small change big, so the left side of the mask map applications such paint pen tool

3. Then the left side of the mask tuklung (edit> clone), after turning into the right level, making it the right pole movement mask diagram.

4. Downward movement of the mask then crossing out pictures, use the pen tool to draw a white triangle, along the road to close from far larger, and then clone a horizontal flip, put it on the other side of the road , select the two white triangles of these two white triangles groups modify> group.

5. Three directions of the mask picture came out, the production of mast movement animation instead. Do not rush, choose the pole draw Insert> New Symbol, in the pop-up dialog box in front of the Graphic check, we have to edit the poles of this new symbol. Draw a rectangle with the rectangle tool, then Edit> Clone Clone, drag it to the other side, and then cloned several, all good clone selection rectangle, Modify> Align> Top (top alignment), Modify> Align> Distribute widths (standard uniform distribution). to their group group, Modify> Group. The results shown in Figure

6. Insert> New symbol, and then create a new symbol in the pop-up dialog, then we put in front of the square symbol on the Graphic, but this time we have built some of the rectangular cross section, remember, the fill color to the rectangle and road Like, R: 68 G: 68 B: 85, with the method we have continuously cloned Edit> Clone, Modify> Align> Distribuet heights vertical contour, what's the use of this symbol??? first secrecy,:) to These rectangular groups modify> group results in Figure

Well, we do two symbols of the following, we give them with animation.


7. Create a pole to the left of the animation, Insert> New symbol, the pop-up dialog box, rename it to us to 1 (convenience in mind, my English is not so bad) to animation (animation) on the front of the square symbol , we mast from the symbols library panel onto the pop-up animation editing area, edit> clone, the clone of the pole a little to the left, moving to three-quarters of the distance between two locations, shown in Figure . Because we have to build four animation frames, the frames of the displacement is very important, if the pitch is not good, then the animation does not seem coherent with the feeling of beating. After you have done in the design of animation to remember this. select the two symbols, edit> symbol> tween instances in pop-up box, enter 2 in the frames, to Distribute to Fames in front of the box checked on, ok sure.

8. Production of mast right movement animation, Insert ---- New symbol, the pop-up dialog box, rename it to us for 2 to Animation in front of the square symbol on the pole sign from the Library panel, drag to animation editing area, to clone the same pole of a symbol, Edit> Clone, clone out the pole sign to the right point, and just said the same, moving to three-quarters of the distance between two locations, Fig. At the same time to select them, Edit> Symbol> Tween Instances, in the pop-up dialog box, the number of frames set to 2, to Distribute to Fames in front of the box checked on, ok sure

9. Make a downward movement of the animation, Insert --- New symbol, the pop-up dialog box, name we give it 3, the Animation, variant on the front, this time to another symbol in the Library panel horizontal rectangle symbol1 Drag the animation editor, we want to be a downward movement of the animation. Edit> Clone cloning, the cloning of the symbols move down a little distance, as shown. and then Modify> Symbol> Tween instances on the same appear in front of the box and set .

The direction of movement of the animation of three also completed the following animation to see how we can make a mask.

10. In Layer2, from the Library panel, drag an animation, select the edit area on the left of the mask graphic Edit> Cut to cut it, and then select the animation 1, Edit> Paste as mask paste into a mask. Thus, a line bar to the left of the mask on the generated animation. The results shown in Figure

11. Then pulled out from the Library panel animation 2, the right mask graphics Edit> cut, select the animation 2, Edit> paste as mask. Masts to right the mask is also generated animation. Figure

12. Then pulled out from the Library panel, animated 3, this time to pay attention, and in front of two different mask animation, this time we want animation 3 Cut, select the animation 3, Edit> Cut, then select the white line Edit> Paste inside. The results shown in Figure

13. You point the editor of the play button. To see what effect??? Haha, now know that this symbol it uses the results shown in Figure ..

Well, masts and the effect of crossing out, we take a break, it is tough, do you want a cup of coffee? :)

Three-car scene

Car body

1. Open the Frame panel, back to the first frame frame1 build a new layer Layer3, with the rectangle tool, drag in the editor and the editor of a rectangle the same size, fill color is black, and then use the rectangle tool to drag a small point of the rectangle, as This convenient, fill color to yellow, as shown, select the two rectangles, Modify --- Combine --- Puch,

2. Open the Effect panel, select Bevel and Emboss> Inner bevel menu, open the panel in the following set

3. At this point the effect of such a plan should be


Three-car scene

Car plate

1. Tools panel in the Oval tool to draw a circle hold down the Shift key, Edit> Clone to clone a, clone of the circle to Modify> Transform> Numeric transform the open panel set as follows, so we get a percentage of the original size 75 per round.

2. Select these two and a small circle, modify> combine> puch. Fill color set to # 333366, we get a ring

3. The same way, let us draw a bigger ring out in the editing area with the rectangle tool drag to draw a rectangle, select the rectangle and the big ring, shown in Figure

4. Modify> Combine> Intersect, received a section of a circle, it also set the fill color # 333366, use the zoom tool in the toolbox it appropriate scale, and the ring to match it, and select We first painted it a good ring, Modify> Combine> Union. The results shown in Figure

5. Then open the Effect panel, select Bevel and Emboss> Inner Bevdl menu, open the panel settings in Figure

6. Hold down the Shift key with the oval tool to draw a small circle, big circle in the center of it, (you can open the auxiliary line, hold down the Shift and Alt keys while dragging picture) rings of the same color and fill # 333366, and then open the Effect panel , select Bevel and Emboss> Inner bevel settings and as above it. circle it and select, Modify --- Group group. The results shown in Figure

The car plate to move to the lower left, and now we continue to draw other objects inside the car.

Three-car scene

Car plate bracket

1. Draw with the rectangle tool drag a small rectangle, and then open the Effect panel, Bevel and Emboss> Inner bevel settings in the dialog box that pops up the following

2. Move it to a flat bottom, to realistic, with the deformation tool rotation angle point, the effect shown in Figure

Car's gas gauge and light

In this production process, not emphasized the size of each component, how much paint to the seat of your pants, as long as its own feel Haojiu Xing. :)

1. Draw with the rectangle tool drag a rectangle, cloning the rectangle, the cloned rectangle reduce the length and width of 10 pixels each, and select the large and one small rectangular Combine> Punch, and then open the Effect panel, Bevel and Emboss> Inner bevel settings in the pop-up menu shown in Figure

2. In this box, and put tables and light oil, draw a circle and about the size of a rectangle, fill color to green in Figure

3. Draw a smaller dark green small round, and then clone it to three, were placed in the position shown in Figure

4. Draw a fill color for the small black rectangle, and then clone it several months (as the case flexibility), the use of aligned, horizontal, vertical distribution of the average order, arranged in the shape you want. Them arranged in the following styles here

5. Draw a rectangle, open the Effect panel, Bevel and Emboss> Inner bevel, in the pop-up dialog box, adjust the appropriate parameters. Cloned it three, up and down in order. The final results and the similarity on the line graph

The parts of the car have been completed, because this is the first frame (frame1), if the jump to the second frame (frame2), you will find we have just painted the whole car parts missing. Now we think about it, the car movement, which some kind of parts will be moving?

Yes, car wheel moves, the oil form and light of grid will move so much easier to handle. New layer of layer4, the layer4 layer onto layer3 layer below, while the body, frame, oil dial, ... ... ... ... ... ... drag and drop layer4 layer, double-click layer4 level board, to share across frames in front of the box Check on the sharing of this layer

6. Back layer3 layer, this layer a flat, small dots, small black rectangular block all selected. Edit> Copy, copy them down, open the Frame panel, and then click in the second frame frame2, the third frame frame3, the fourth frame frame4 paste (Edit> Paste)

4 adjust the frames of animation

1. In the first frame, put the little dot above the fill color set to red, to a pole with lights above, draw a circle, fill color to # 00ffff open the Effect panel, caussian blur Gaussian blur, fuzzy value 4.0. and then cloned several were on the pole, the note in front of bright lights, so we give it with Glow glow, parameter own master, because I own painting Debu Okay. More distant light to dark, so the transparency should be appropriate to reduce the distance the light more.

2. In the second frame, with a rotating tool to rotate a small car wheel angle, the right of the fill color set to red dot. To the top of the black block removed a few, to the pole with lights on, methods, and have said so. Results shown in Figure

3. In the third frame frame3 in the following colors to fill a small dot of red, black blocks randomly delete a few, do not forget to add lights to the mast. Results shown in Figure

4. In the fourth frame, but also the car plate with a rotating tool to turn a small angle to the left of the red dot is filled, so that the red dot on top from the first frame in turn to the left of the fourth frame, as if is in a circle. The black block to delete a few. To the mast with light.

Well, we finally completed our production journey, tired and is tired a bit. When you see your masterpiece on your screen gallops forward, you will be proud, congratulate you, your skills have improved a step.

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