Thursday, July 29, 2010

New version of GPL may change

IDG news exclusively for this newspaper the Free Software Foundation founder Richard Stallman has said that the upcoming GNU General Public License (General Public License, referred to as GPL) may have some modifications, including software for Web applications and software patent issues in the some modifications.

Stallman said, GPL3 introduced a change in the company's use of GPL software may be involved in providing online services, this new provision may allow developers to request users to download their software online using the source code. It requires the user to do so by the developers discretion, Stallman said: "This provision does not apply to all GPL projects, only those projects have included the establishment of such provisions, the future of software developers to activate this provision."

Another new provision might be involved in the controversial software patents. Stallman said: "While it is not clear how the GPL3 specific provisions, but the implied license terms will only involve the publisher released the code to use the patented technology, it will not change much."

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